100 Days of School Printables - Free PDF (2024)

100 Days of School Printables - Free PDF (1)

Celebrating the first 100 days of school is a significant milestone in any academic year. It’s a time to reflect on what has been learned, the friendships formed, and the experiences gained. To make this celebration more engaging and educational, we have created a set of100 days of school printablesthat are perfect for students of all ages, from preschoolers to high school students. These free printables are not only a fun way to mark the day but also a great tool to incorporate into lesson plans and classroom activities.

You can download the 100 school days PDF packet at the bottom of this post.Scroll down to the end.

What’s in the Free 100 Days of School Printables Packet?

Our exclusive free four-page PDF pack for the 100 days of school celebration includes:

  1. I Spy 100 Days Puzzle: This activity is perfect for developing observational and counting skills. This is a great activity for morning work (from the OT Skill Buidling Bundle).
  2. 100 Exercises: Featuring 10 different exercises to complete 10 times each, this is a great way to incorporate physical activities into the celebration (from the OT Skill Building Bundle).
  3. 100 Walking Chart: This chart is an excellent tool to motivate students to stay active.
  4. 100 Days of School Dot Marker Coloring Page: Ideal for enhancing fine motor skills, this coloring page is both fun and educational.

The versatility of these printables makes them suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. You can do them with the whole class!

100th Day of School Activities for Younger Students

For younger students, these printables and fun ideas can be a great way to celebrate the day. They are a fun activity that helps in developing fine motor skills and number recognition. Here are some additional ideas:

  • Creating a 100th Day Collection: Encourage students to bring in 100 small objects to create 100th day collections. This can be a fun way to learn about counting and categorization. Throught the years my kids have done 100 google eyes, 100 pom poms, 100 army toys, 100 dinosaurs, 100 pennies and more!
  • 100 Days of School Coloring Pages: Coloring is always a hit with younger students. It’s a relaxing activity that also helps in improving their fine motor skills. Use the happy 100th day dot marker page included in this PDF.
  • 100th Day Crown or Headband: Making a crown or headband is a creative way to celebrate the day. It’s a fun and interactive way to get students excited about the milestone.
  • 100 Day Toss and Catch: See if the children can partner up with different kids. Throw and catch a bean bag, soft ball or beach ball. Keep tally marks and see if a child can accomplish 100 catches. If not, can any kids partner up to equal 100 catches.

Ideas for Older Students

Older students might enjoy more challenging activities:

  • 100 Word Challenge: Have students write a story or a poem using exactly 100 words. Try this100 challenge work search puzzle.
  • Math Activities: Incorporate the number 100 into math lessons. This could include problems about 100, working with a hundreds chart, or even exploring number theory with the number 100.
  • 100 Acts of Kindness: Challenge students to perform 100 acts of kindness. This can be a class-wide activity and a great way to foster a positive and supportive classroom environment with creative ideas to celebrate kindness.

100 Days of School Printables - Free PDF (3)

Handwriting Prompts – 100 Questions of the Day

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Additional Resources

To further enhance your 100th day of school celebration, consider these additional resources:

  • 100 Story Startershere: This can be a great way to spark creativity in your students.
  • 100 Simon Says Game Ideashere: A fun physical activity that can be enjoyed by students of all ages. This would make a great activity to add to your 100th day challenges. Can you follow all 100 directions?

Making the Day Special

The 100th day of school is not just about academic learning; it’s also about celebrating the journey. Here are some ways to make the day special:

  • Themed Snacks: Create snacks with 100 items, like trail mix or fruit loops. Add in a lesson about mindful eating too!
  • 100th Day Certificates: Present certificates to celebrate this milestone.
  • Classroom Decorations: Decorate the classroom with items in groups of 100, like a paper chain or a days of school necklace.


The 100th day of school is a fantastic opportunity to break from the normal routine and engage in different activities that are both fun and educational. With these printables and activity ideas, you can easily plan a memorable and interactive day for your students. Remember, the goal is to celebrate the progress made and the journey ahead, making it one of the best days of the school year.

Download your free 100 days of school printables now and start planning for a day filled with learning, fun, and celebration!

100 Days of School Printables - Free PDF (4)
100 Days of School Printables - Free PDF (2024)
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