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In this article, we will explore the unique themes of February. You can create great classroom bulletin boards from different topics. To keep things fresh, here are examples of lesser-known observations. Some will be unique, others a little strange, but all are big love letters to your class!

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Now that you have settled into the New Year, it's time to turn toward the beautiful month of February. Each month presents unique themes for teachers to use in their classrooms to inspire students. The learning process becomes more engaging for young minds when incredible visuals present themselves. Also, following seasonal themes keeps the mind moving forward.

February Bulletin Board Ideas

Have you ever googled, "What all goes on in February?" If you haven't, you are in for a surprise. There are many holidays, observations, and topics associated with this month. Even though the month only has 28 days, it's packed with things to learn and do. Doing a deep dive into what February can offer your classroom will provide you with endless ideas.

Here are a few topics February provides:

  • Black History Month (February 1)
  • Humpback Whale Awareness Month (February 1)
  • World Cancer Day (February 4)
  • Shine a Light on Slavery Day (February 13)
  • Random Act of Kindness Day (February 17)
  • World Day of Social Justice (February 20)

Just from the above themes, you can pull countless ideas for bulletin board designs. A bulletin board with a calming blue background mimicking water with a picture of one of the enormous creatures on earth will stir curiosity. Adding a question or fact of the day about humpback whales will keep young minds intrigued and start conversations among the students.

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What is an example of a February bulletin board idea?

1. All You Need is Love

With Valentine's Day approaching, it's a time to remember why we do things for the people we love. Any display of heart-shaped affection is welcomed by many, and the message of love is spread easily through bulletin boards. The theme of love letters and sweethearts can carry throughout the year as an important reminder of what the world needs. Spread a box of chocolates with a fun valentine's day craft to help decorate your Valentine's Day bulletin board.

2. Positive Words Have Power (Black History)

The message of what Black History represents resonates across the US in February. Many parts of the world also celebrate the contributions of people of African descent. Creating a bulletin board with the achievements of African ancestry helps many feel included. Their bulletin boards can spread unique knowledge to students.

3. Whale, hello there!

If you didn't know February is a time to acknowledge humpback whales, you are in for a huge surprise. The conservation status of these majestic creatures is of "least concern," which is great to hear. But these animals have fascinating facts that will enlighten the classroom and school.

4. Cancer Awareness

Most people know of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But did you know there is World Cancer Day in February? Cancer is a devasting disease that people around the world are dealing with day to day. It's crucial to b aware of cancer and find better ways to combat it. Making a bulletin board on this topic could inspire a student to be the one to cure cancer once and for all.

5. Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is love, and there are different ways people can express it. Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17 (there is also a week in which it is celebrated). Creating a calendar with different acts of kindness can become a game for students. Who has opened/held a door for someone the most? Did you help a sick friend to the clinic? The list of acts can go on and on.

6. World Day of Social Justice

Social justice has become a concept we face every day. Treating people as equals is essential to help bring the world together. Many problems are waiting for solutions. Many of which will come from the next generations. Get a head start in inspiring students to seek truth and justice with a social justice board.

7. American Heart Month

Let's get heart-healthy! Taking care of our bodies is essential as we only get one. We only have one heart, and we need to make it as strong as possible. Educating students about the need for a healthy gut is the beginning of a lifetime of good health. Combine this theme with Valentine's Day, and you will have a strong bulletin board.

8. National Bird Feeding Month

Nothing puts a smile on one's face like watching a bird feed. If you have ever been interested in bird feeding, then February is the month to start. Making a board with different birds and their preferred food will give students ideas for new hobbies. Students will learn respect for nature and how beautiful our feathered friends are.

9. Pet Dental Health Month

We love our pets, don't we? We want our animal companions to be happy and healthy. With February being Pet Dental Health month, you can put many ideas on your bulletin boards. There are things a pet owner can do at home and take their pet for a dental health checkup. Let's make sure our pets have everything they need.

10. Dog Training Education Month

Staying with pets, February is also Dog Training Education Month. Some dogs require little training, while others require lots of it. One idea is to put pictures of dogs on the board and the level of training they need next to it. Training can be just as crucial for the owner as the dog. You may inspire a student to become a certified trainer.

11. Adopt a rescued rabbit Month

Here we have a very timely topic. Easter is just around the corner so bringing attention to bunny rabbits make sense in February. Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the US. They are also the third most abandoned pets, according to National Geographic. Informing people of this will help rescue more rabbits and adopt them.

12. National Cat Health Month

Just like humans, cats can become unhealthy if not tended properly. Get the word out on your boards about putting a cat's health first.

13. National School Counselor Week

Celebrate your school counselors. They collaborate tirelessly with you to help bring education and understanding to students and families. Dedicating a bulletin board to your school counseling team will deliver a great message of support. Working in schools is not easy and supporting one another is essential for success.

14. Women and Girls in Science Week

There is a push to have more young women pursue paths in science. Having boards dedicated to women who have achieved great success in the sciences can be a springboard for female students. Even though acknowledgment is only a week, it could be combined with Black History Month, displaying African American female scientists.

15. Presidents Day

George Washington (the first president of the United States) and Abraham Lincoln (the 16th president of the United States) have birthdays in February. Washington's birthday is the official day of President's day but was combined with Lincoln's birthday to celebrate the achievements of each man. As a federal holiday, US employees enjoy a day off work.

What are some creative ways to decorate a bulletin board?

Teachers are some of the most resourceful people on the planet. Finding creative ways to decorate your bulletin is only an arm's stretch away for many of you. Special personal items, photos, tickets, cut-outs and other flat memorabilia will bring personality to your boards. And shiny objects such as key chains, necklaces, pendants, and pins can represent meanings associated with your board.

Themes from movies will work as well. You are probably familiar with the lively snowman from Frozen, Olaf. He has become a symbol of all things cold and quickly adds to a winter bulletin board. Olaf has a big heart (valentine!) provides a perfect way for language arts to introduce February writing activities to students.

What is a bulletin board?

As a standard, a bulletin board is simply a board for posting notices that can supply needed information to people. It's easy to disseminate important messages, news, or exciting announcements. Bulletin boards are standard in classrooms. Like all things, bulletin boards have evolved into electronic mediums, making it easy for people to leave feedback.

Do you have a unique or exciting way to use your school's bulletin boards? Are you among the few teachers who change their board every so often to keep things fresh? These boards not only expand the learning environment but also add an element of classroom décor. It's an extra space for teachers to provide a connecting vehicle for students' learning capacity.

What is the theme for February?

One of the main themes for February in the US is Black History. President's day is a significant one as well. But there are many topics to explore. What do you want the theme to be in your classroom? Your choices are almost unlimited when you research what the month entails. You can never go wrong with putting groundhog day on your classroom doors.


Every month of the year provides a fury of topics teachers can use in their classrooms. February has many tremendous themes that can hold a student's attention. Your bulletin boards and classroom doors will be alive with fun. We should take advantage of the various themes, bringing the students different perspectives of the world and new meaning to classroom management.

Visit our Bulletin Board Hub for tons of ideas, inspiration and printouts to help you decorate your walls, classroom doors and bulletin boards.

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15 Creative February Bulletin Board Ideas | TeacherVision (2024)
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