Burleigh County Sheriff Office, ND, Arrest Warrants Search (2024)

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The Burleigh County Sheriff's Office is a dedicated law enforcement agency that serves and protects the community of Burleigh County, North Dakota. The primary function of this local sheriff's office is to maintain peace and order while safeguarding the rights and safety of its residents.

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For any concerns, inquiries, or emergencies, here's the official contact information for the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department:

  • Physical Address: 514 East Thayer Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58501, USA
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 1416, Bismarck, ND 58502-1416, USA
  • Telephone: (701) 222-6651
  • Fax: (701) 222-6718
  • Website: Burleigh County Sheriff's Office

Please remember to always dial 911 in case of emergencies.

Arrest Warrants Search

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Department keeps and maintains an up-to-date list of active arrest warrants issued within the county. Citizens can perform a Burleigh County Warrant lookup either online or by directly contacting the Sheriff's office.

How to Search for Arrest Warrants

  1. Online Search: For quick and easy access to arrest warrant information, you can visit the Burleigh County Active Warrant List on the official website. This list includes details about the person’s name, the crime, and the date the warrant was issued.

  2. Direct Inquiry: If you prefer a more personal touch or if you have more specific queries, you can also contact the Sheriff's office directly at (701) 222-6651.

Other Services

Arrest Records Search and Criminal Records

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Office also provides an Arrest records search and access to criminal records. You can find this information online via the Burleigh County Arrest Records page.

Background Checks

Background checks are also made available by the Sheriff’s Department for official purposes. You may contact the office directly for more details on how to request one.

Sex Offender Registry

The local sheriff's office maintains a Sex Offender Registry in collaboration with other Burleigh County Police Departments. This database provides information about registered sex offenders residing in the county, contributing to the community's safety.

Most Wanted List

The Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department regularly updates a Most Wanted List. This public record provides the names and pictures of individuals with outstanding warrants within the county.

Bail Bonds

The Sheriff's Office provides information on bail bonds, including the procedures and requirements, through its Bail Bonds Information page.

Remember, the goal of the Burleigh County Sheriff's Office is to maintain transparency and ensure the safety of its residents. By providing these services, they are enhancing community awareness and promoting involvement in the county's safety.

Department Structure and Units

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Department is composed of multiple units, each focusing on a specific aspect of law enforcement, public safety, and community service. These units work collectively to deliver a comprehensive array of services that promote safety, security, and well-being within the community.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the front line of the Burleigh County Sheriff's Office. Deputies in this division are responsible for handling calls for service, enforcing traffic laws, conducting initial criminal investigations, and maintaining a visible presence in the community to deter and detect criminal activity.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is tasked with conducting follow-up investigations on crimes reported to the Sheriff's Office. These experienced detectives are trained in various specialized fields, such as forensics, cybercrime, narcotics, and more.

Corrections Division

The Corrections Division oversees the operations of the Burleigh County Detention Center. This includes inmate supervision, transportation, medical care, and other responsibilities related to incarceration.

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division encompasses several units, including Records, Communications, Civil Process, and School Resource Officers. This division ensures the smooth running of the department, from maintaining accurate records to ensuring effective communication between officers and the public.

Burleigh County Police Departments

In addition to the Sheriff's Office, there are local police departments serving various cities and towns within Burleigh County. These include:

  1. Bismarck Police Department - Website
  2. Lincoln Police Department - Website
  3. Mandan Police Department - Website

While these departments operate independently, they often collaborate with the Sheriff's Department to ensure the effective enforcement of law and order across Burleigh County.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Office is not only tasked with enforcing the law but also with various duties that promote safety and community well-being. These responsibilities include:

  • Responding to emergency and non-emergency calls for service.
  • Conducting criminal investigations and collecting evidence.
  • Serving civil and criminal papers on behalf of the court.
  • Executing arrest warrants and transporting prisoners.
  • Providing safety education and community outreach programs.
  • Managing the county jail, including inmate intake, supervision, and release.

With these services, the Burleigh County Sheriff's Office is committed to the principles of service, integrity, and respect, striving to preserve and enhance the quality of life for the residents of Burleigh County. By effectively fulfilling these duties, they continue to strengthen the trust and support of the community they serve.

Public Resources and Services

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Department provides several public resources and services aimed at enhancing the safety and security of the county. These resources not only make it easier for the public to access vital information but also promote transparency and cooperation between the department and the community it serves.

Report a Crime

If you're a resident of Burleigh County and need to report a non-emergency crime, you can use the Crime Report Form on the Sheriff's Office's official website. For emergencies or situations that require immediate law enforcement response, always dial 911.

Community Programs

The Sheriff's Department runs several community programs to enhance public safety and community relations. These include Neighborhood Watch, DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), and public safety education initiatives. Details of these programs can be obtained by contacting the Sheriff's Office directly.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Office encourages community members to participate in volunteer opportunities, such as the Citizen's Academy and the Reserve Deputy Program. These programs offer residents a chance to learn more about the operations of the Sheriff's Office and contribute to the safety and security of their community.

Professional Standards and Accountability

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Office holds its members to the highest standards of professional conduct. The department has established protocols and systems to ensure accountability and maintain the public's trust.

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs unit oversees investigations involving allegations of misconduct or unlawful actions by members of the Sheriff's Office. The unit ensures that all complaints are investigated thoroughly and objectively, reinforcing the department's commitment to integrity and transparency.

Use of Force Policy

The Sheriff's Office is committed to the principle of using the minimal force necessary to accomplish its mission. It has a stringent Use of Force policy that outlines the circ*mstances and manner in which deputies may apply force during their duties.

Sheriff's Office Online Portal

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Office online portal is a comprehensive platform providing residents with access to various services. Through this portal, residents can perform a Burleigh County Warrant lookup, access the sex offender registry, consult the most wanted list, perform an arrest records search, and obtain information on bail bonds.

The portal also provides up-to-date news and announcements from the Sheriff's Office, community programs, and volunteer opportunities, making it a vital resource for residents seeking to engage with their local law enforcement agency.

Transparency and Public Records

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Office is committed to maintaining transparency with the public. As such, they allow access to various public records and reports, complying with North Dakota’s Open Records Law. These documents include arrest records, incident reports, and other relevant information.

How to Request Public Records

To access public records from the Burleigh County Sheriff's Office, you can submit a public records request. Here are the steps:

  1. Complete the Request Form: Download and fill out the Public Records Request Form.
  2. Submit the Form: Submit the completed form by mail to the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department or personally deliver it to the office.
  3. Receive Your Documents: After your request is processed, the records will be delivered to you. Please note that some records may require a processing fee.

For any questions or concerns about public records requests, contact the Sheriff's Office directly.

Working with the Sheriff's Office

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Office invites collaboration with other agencies, organizations, and the community. Through these partnerships, they aim to improve public safety and the quality of life in Burleigh County.

Inter-Agency Cooperation

The Sheriff's Office frequently collaborates with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. This cooperation enhances their ability to enforce the law and address broader public safety concerns that span beyond county lines.

Community Partnerships

Community partnerships are key to the success of the Sheriff's Office. By working with community organizations, schools, businesses, and individuals, they can better address the unique needs and concerns of the Burleigh County community.

Working with Bail Bonds Agencies

When a person is arrested in Burleigh County, a bail bonds agency can help secure their release from jail until their court appearance. The Sheriff's Office works closely with licensed bail bonds agencies to facilitate this process. The Bail Bonds Information page on their official website provides more details on this topic.

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Office, through its dedication to law enforcement and public service, works tirelessly to maintain a safe and secure environment for the residents of Burleigh County. By offering an array of services and resources, they foster a community where safety, peace, and justice are accessible to all.

Burleigh County Sheriff Office, ND, Arrest Warrants Search (2024)


How to look up warrants in ND? ›

This is not an easy task though and you probably will not get very far. There is a simple way to conduct a North Dakota warrant search. In your browser type in GovernmentRegistry.org and look for the link that says Criminal Searches. Click the link, enter in your information and hit enter.

How do I find local warrants? ›

To find out if you have an active warrant in California, you can either: Search your name on the appropriate County Sheriff's website or Superior Court website. For example, in Orange County, you can search the Orange County Sheriff's Department website. Run a search on the private CaliforniaArrests.org website.

What is a bench warrant in North Dakota? ›

Whenever a person fails to appear in court as duly required by an order to show cause, subpoena, or other process, the judge, upon being satisfied of the failure to appear, may order the clerk to issue a bench warrant directed to all peace officers of this state to bring the person before the court immediately or at a ...

What county is Bismarck, ND? ›

Bismarck, city, capital of North Dakota, U.S., and seat (1873) of Burleigh county. It lies in the south-central part of the state and is situated on the eastern bank of the Missouri River.

How to find court records in North Dakota? ›

Record Searches may be made online at the North Dakota Supreme Court Public Search website. There are also public terminals available at all District Courts in the state as well as Fargo Municipal Court where you may view and print public documents associated with court records.

Do I have a warrant in McKenzie County? ›

If you believe you have a warrant you can turn yourself in at the McKenzie County Law Enforcement Center or call 701-444-3654. This is a list of all active warrants in McKenzie County as of 05/31/2024.

What are warrants in finance? ›

What Is a Warrant? Warrants are a derivative that give the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a security—most commonly an equity—at a certain price before expiration. The price at which the underlying security can be bought or sold is referred to as the exercise price or strike price.

How do I find out if I have a warrant in LA? ›

How can I tell if I have a warrant? Answer: Go to your local police department or sheriff's station. They can conduct a search to see if you have a warrant.

How to check if you have a warrant in Indiana? ›

To confirm you have an open warrant in Indiana and learn more about your case, go to mycase.in.gov. This is a free way to see certain details about your active warrant, such as its presiding court, the charges against you, when the warrant was filed, and more.

Do warrants expire in the ND? ›

In North Dakota, the duration that warrants remain valid and enforceable depends on the specific type issued. Many of these court orders have no expiration and stay active indefinitely until appropriately addressed. However, certain warrants have defined active periods set by statute or the court.

What is failure to appear in North Dakota? ›

A person who has been lawfully ordered to appear at a specified time and place to testify or to produce information in an official proceeding is guilty of a class A misdemeanor if, without lawful privilege, he fails to appear or to produce the information at that time and place.

What is a bench warrant in MT? ›

A Montana bench warrant is a legal order issued by a judge that directs law enforcement officials to apprehend an individual and bring them before the court. This type of warrant is typically issued when a person fails to appear in court as required or fails to comply with a court order.

What is the smallest county in North Dakota? ›

Welcome to Foster County, North Dakota

It is the smallest of the state's 53 counties and is bordered by Eddy, Griggs, Stutsman, and Wells counties. Below is some useful information regarding the county: Foster County is divided into 18 townships. The seat of the county government is located in Carrington, ND.

What is Bismarck, ND famous for? ›

The capital of North Dakota, Bismarck is a hub of culture, history and shopping. Don't miss attractions like the Dakota Zoo, and the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum. Trees cover the Capitol Grounds just as they do the land on either side of the river.

What is the 24 7 program in North Dakota? ›

An individual who is arrested for a second or subsequent DUI is required as a condition of bond, to refrain from alcohol use and report to a specific law enforcement location to be placed in the 24/7 Sobriety Program for alcohol testing. If the individual fails a test, he or she is immediately taken into custody.

Are criminal records public in North Dakota? ›

Available information may include other North Dakota Public Records, such as public crime statistics, criminal history records, sex offender databases, and jail information. However, record results on searches may vary between counties.

How do I find recent arrests in North Dakota? ›

One of the efficient ways to access arrest records in North Dakota is through the NDBCI. Interested parties can access arrest records by completing a Request for Criminal History Record Information form. After completing the form, mail it with the required documentation and appropriate payment to the NDBCI.

How do you look up warrants in Iowa? ›

You may go to any law enforcement agency in person to find out if you have any outstanding warrants. Once an initial arrest warrant is served, the information is public record and available on Iowa Courts Online.

Do I have a warrant in Minnesota? ›

The easiest is to use the state's case search tool, the Minnesota Court Records Online (MCRO). In-person and phone warrant searches are also available through different district courts or by visiting local county sheriff's offices.

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