Creative ways to decorate your door for Black History Month (2024)

Creative ways to decorate your door for Black History Month (1)

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Black History Month is a month-long celebration of Black history and the various achievements of the Black community. If you're looking for a way to show your spirit, you can highlight the history and achievements by decorating your door. There are many ways to spruce up your door for the occasion, so we've compiled a list of fun designs as well as tools you'll need to get the job done.

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How to decorate your door for Black History Month

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There are many ways to adorn your door with motivating and affirming designs that celebrate Black history. When coming up with designs, keep in mind that they don't have to be strictly based around history; instead, they could highlight Blackness in general. Here are a few ideas that you can use for inspiration.

Pull inspirational quotes

While a picture is worth a thousand words, that doesn't mean a hard-hitting quote doesn't have a place on your door during Black History Month. From Maya Angelou to Marin Luther King Jr. to James Baldwin, there are many Black orators and writers to draw from if you're looking for inspiration. It's one thing for people to see Black history, it's another to read and hear it.

You can even incorporate this into a game or lesson by including several quotes and speakers on the door in random order, prompting passersby to figure out who said which quote.

Feature famous Black figures

There are many inspirational figures in Black history that you can honor by decorating your door with their images. This can be done by printing out images of historical figures or by making pictures of them yourself. Whoever you decide to depict, they'll surely make all who pass by your door stop to reflect on history.

Include a timeline

Nothing puts history into perspective quite like a timeline. There's no shortage of topics you can go with as it relates to Black history: creations of Black inventors, birthdates of prominent Black figures and historical events are just a few dates to consider for your timeline. Whatever you go with, make sure it's pretty and eye-catching by using pictures alongside the events.

Celebrate Black beauty

Black History Month isn't only important because it highlights the past, but because it celebrates the present. Some of the best Black History Month door designs positively depict Black individuals. It can send a powerful message that says: you're here, you're seen and you're beautiful. Combined with inspirational quotes, this type of design will be one of the most arresting you can have.

Incorporate love

Incorporate love into your Black History Month door. You can add hearts to the design while using quotes to highlight the love that's helped the Black community survive throughout its long history. You can have the words "We Love" at the top of your door, with the rest of it being dedicated to various Black leaders and figures.

Showcase community voices

The present of today will become the history of tomorrow. Because of this, it's a great idea to incorporate the voices of the future in your Black History Month in your door design. You might prompt responses to the question, "What does Black History Month mean to you?" or "What are your favorite moments in Black history?" You can also post local artwork on the door.

What you need to decorate your door for Black History Month

Construction paper and scissors

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Many door designs are made using construction paper, so you'll want to have lots of it. We think 480 sheets, courtesy of Crayola, are more than enough to get you started on your creative endeavors. Plus, the pack provides 10 vibrant colors. To cut the paper into various shapes, you'll need a pair of trusty scissors such as the ones by Taotree. These scissors have over 9,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, with reviewers praising them for their price, sturdy handgrips and efficient cutting.

$17 from Amazon $10 from Amazon

Coloring utensils

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Add color to your door designs using coloring utensils. When it comes to color, it’s hard to beat Crayola. If you’re using Crayons, the company’s 64-count box set offers more colors than you will ever need—and at a reasonable price. For markers, which are better at coloring large spaces efficiently, check out Crayola’s Super Tips set. The set comes with a whopping 100 colors for you to play with. Reviewers love these markers for their resistance to smudging.

$15 from Amazon $16 from Amazon

Emblem decals

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Another option for designing your door is to incorporate Black history iconography. Take, for example, the red, green and black pan-African flag, which has long been used as an emblem of Black unity. It can be used to tie a design together or used alone as a simple but effective way to show what Black History Month is about. You might consider using the Black fist design on your door, which has a long history of symbolizing resistance and power in the face of adversity.

$7 from Amazon $7 from Amazon


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To make lettering more eye-catching and easy to see from afar, you won’t want to just print text on paper. Instead, you should use large stencils and vinyl stickers which will make your text bold and easier for visitors to read. The stencils by Attisstore come in various sizes and feature a locking system to easily chain letters together to make words. For adhesive vinyl stickers, Zonon offers a sheet of 2-inch letters that reviewers love because of how easy they are to apply and take off.

$27 at Amazon $12 at Amazon

Black History Month posters

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If you don't fancy yourself an artsy person, but still want to add meaningful decor to your door to honor the Black community, you can use door covers and posters. A door cover, as the name suggests, will cover the entirety of your door, while a poster will only cover it partially. This will give you the option of mixing and matching various posters to create your own unique collage. Since putting up posters is less time-consuming than making a design from scratch, you can also swap out posters throughout the month to keep your door design fresh. These posters from Motivation Without Borders are just a few to consider for Black History Month.

$13 from Amazon


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To incorporate photos into your Black History Month design, you'll want to use a quality printer. Whether you're printing in black & white or color, we found the HP OfficeJet Pro 8034e to be the best printer you can buy thanks to its user-friendly controls, intuitive phone app and excellent print quality across a variety of paper types. For a less expensive option, we recommend our budget pick, the HP Envy, which works well for most paper. paper.

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Creative ways to decorate your door for Black History Month (2024)
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