Homemade Cookies v. Store-Bought Cookies (2024)

Lia Peralta Joa, Student WriterApril 23, 2024

Our homemade cookies following Nestle Toll-House’s homemade chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, served with a cup of milk.

More than 53% of Americans prefer to eat chocolate chip cookies. Many people often choose homemade chocolate chip cookies over store-bought cookies. This could be due to the fact that homemade cookies don’t contain chemicals and preservatives, making them healthier. Furthermore, you are able to control your ingredients and their nutritional value. However, homemade cookies take time and effort, which is why people might choose to go to the store and buy the cookies that they can just pop into the oven. It is very common to see families make homemade cookies on the weekends, not to mention around the holiday season.

Some argue that Nestle Toll-House’s pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough is better than Nestle Toll-House’s homemade chocolate chip cookie dough because they’re usually cheaper. They also have a longer refrigerator life so you can buy them in bulk and store them for later. There is also generally more variety to choose from. Store-bought cookies only take a few minutes compared to 15 minutes of preparation time for homemade cookies. When asking Elizabeth Walker if she would sacrifice quality over time for cookies, she says, “I guess yeah because there’s just not enough time in a day for me to bake cookies from scratch. With how busy life is I just don’t have the time.”

On the other hand, homemade cookies are some people’s go-to when craving a cookie. The ingredients are easily able to be substituted with different things of your choosing. One has the ability to choose whole wheat flour or whole grains instead of regular all-purpose flour. By using whole wheat flour or whole grains, one can reduce the risk of heart disease. One can control their weight, lower their blood pressure, redistribute fat, regulate their blood sugar, and provide vitamin C to their body. Not only can the person substitute the all-purpose flour, but they can also change the sugar and butter intake. If the recipe requires 2 cups of sugar, they can limit themselves and just do one. This ultimately makes the chocolate chip cookies healthier.

Along with your cookies being healthy, they are fun to make with your kids or someone you care about. Many couples bake cookies as a date idea because it is known as a great way to bond with each other. When asking Brenda Peralta Joa if she prefers homemade or store-bought cookies, she says, “Homemade cookies are better quality because they just taste better; honestly, store-bought cookies all taste the same, and you can’t change it.” The smells you experience while making cookies can be very soothing. The smell of vanilla has been shown to calm the nerves, soothe stomach illnesses, lift spirits, and reduce cravings.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to enhance the flavor of your cookie, you can dunk it into milk. When dipping your cookies in milk, the milk coats the surface of your tongue and acts as a palate cleanser. Our newsgroup all agreed that homemade chocolate chip cookies are better because you can change the recipe and make it your own. We also like the chewiness in the middle and the crunchiness on the borders.


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Homemade Cookies v. Store-Bought Cookies (2024)
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