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The average cost of a lower facelift is $9,900, but the price can range from $5,500 and as high as $22,000, according to 1,259 reviews from RealSelf members who've had the procedure.

This elective cosmetic procedure isn't covered by insurance. If cost is a barrier, you may want to consider plastic surgery financing options.

Read on to learn how the cost compares to a full facelift, whether real patients think the results are worth the expense, and all the factors that could impact your lower facelift price.

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How does the cost compare to a full facelift or neck lift?

A lower facelift focuses on creating a more defined jawline, reducing the appearance of jowls, and getting rid of a double chin. The procedure is very similar to what surgeons often call a mini facelift, though a mini lift is usually less involved and has a lower average cost.

An experienced facial plastic surgeon will be able to talk you through the benefits of each type of facelift procedure, and recommend the best treatment plan to reduce your most visible signs of aging.

  • A full facelift (aka rhytidectomy) tightens, smooths, and elevates the skin from the midface to the neck. Average cost: $12,425
  • A deep plane facelift rejuvenates the midface and jawline below the muscular and soft tissue layer, known as the SMAS (for the superficial musculoaponeurotic system), a deeper layer than a traditional facelift procedure. Results are so long-lasting and natural looking that most modern facelifts now involve this technique. Average cost: $17,223
  • A brow liftsmooths forehead lines and creases, while removing excess skin. Average cost: $7,620
  • A neck lift (aka platysmaplasty) lifts sagging skin along the entire neck and tightens the platysma muscle to eliminate banding and “turkey neck.” Average cost: $9,275

Combining a lower facelift with a brow lift and/or neck lift will certainly inflate your bill, but if you’re planning to have multiple procedures, it’s most cost effective to combine them in a single operation. Some plastic surgeons offer a discounted rate on each additional procedure, and you’ll save money on the facility and anesthesia fees.

Is a lower facelift worth the money?

RealSelf members give lower facelifts an impressive 93% Worth It Rating, meaning that most people who reviewed their procedure thought it was worth the investment.

Many who say it was "Worth It" reported that they had natural-looking results that made them look younger, which improved their self-confidence.

Among those who rated their results "Not Worth It," several lamented a lack of skill and care from their surgeon. Some cited complications like infections, scarring, and asymmetry.

The up-front cost of lower facelift surgery is significantly more than noninvasive facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, and nonsurgical skin tightening, which offer temporary results.

However, a successful surgery can be much more effective at treating concerns like jowls, skin laxity, and a double chin. It may also be a more cost-effective option in the long run because results can last up to a decade.

If you're weighing whether or not this is the right procedure for you, talk to an experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon to make sure you're a good candidate, with realistic expectations about what this procedure can achieve.

What impacts the cost of a lower facelift?

The price you'll pay for a lower facelift procedure will depend on:

1) Your plastic surgeon’s credentials and level of expertise.

An experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon who's in high demand will charge a higher surgeon's fee than those with less training and experience, but bargain shopping for a surgeon can increase your risk of complications and poor results. Be especially wary of physicians who may market themselves as "cosmetic surgeons" but don't have the same level of training as a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Many plastic surgeons offer complimentary consultations or apply the consult fee to the cost of your procedure. Given how much you may spend and how visible your results will be, it can be well worth spending the money to consult with two or more surgeons before you make your choice.

Take into account not only the cost quote they give you, but also their before and after photos, reviews, bedside manner, how much time they spend answering your questions, and how much they personalize your treatment plan.

2) The complexity of your surgery.

Every lower facelift procedure should be tailored specifically to the patient’s anatomy and desired result. The more complex the surgery, the more you may pay.

For example, your provider may recommend combining your procedure with other cosmetic procedures, such as a mini neck lift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, or facial liposuction.

As we mentioned above, each additional procedure will add to your total cost, but some providers offer a discount if you have them at the same time.

3) Where your lower facelift is performed.

Providers who practice in expensive areas have more overhead costs, including higher rent and staff salaries. Those costs get passed on to patients.

Prices can vary even by neighborhood, so even if you want to stay local (rather than going out-of-state), it could be worthwhile to seek out a qualified surgeon who practices in a more affordable part of town, rather than a luxury set-up in the heart of the city.

Prices can also vary depending on whether you’re having your procedure performed in-office , at a private surgical center, or in a hospital operating room (the priciest option).

4) The type of anesthesia you have and who administers it

A lower facelift can be performed under local anesthesia with oral sedation, which can be administered by your surgeon or a trained member of their staff. With this option, you'd be technically awake but very relaxed and sleepy, with no pain during the procedure.

General anesthesia is more expensive, but some doctors prefer the patient to be fully unconscious so there’s no chance of movement during the procedure.

When you get your cost quote, make sure it includes the fees for the anesthesia itself, related supplies, and the anesthesia provider.

You’ll pay a higher anesthesia fee if it’s administered by an anesthesiologist (a medical doctor) than for a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). Both providers are considered qualified, but anesthesiologists have more training, so some doctors prefer them.

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Lower facelift costs in U.S. states

Browse average lower facelift costs in U.S. states, according to recent RealSelf member reviews (as of July 2023). States not currently listed did not have enough data to include.


Average Cost

























New Jersey


New York


North Carolina


















Lower facelift costs in major U.S. metros

Metro Area

Average Cost

Atlanta, GA


Boston, MA


Columbus, OH


Dallas-Fort Worth, TX


Denver, CO


Indianapolis, IN


Las Vegas, NV


Los Angeles, CA


Miami, FL


Milwaukee, WI


New York City


North New Jersey


Orange County, CA


Philadelphia & South New Jersey


Phoenix, AZ


San Francisco, CA


Tampa, FL


Washington, DC


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