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Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers thousands of classes on a wide range of creative topics. We give a quick review of Skillshare looking at courses, pricing, features, and ease of use.

Review Summary
Free TrialYes
AlternativesDomestika & Masterclass

Get 1 month free trial at Skillshare. Unlimited access to a wide range of creative classes taught by industry experts. 🙌

What Is Skillshare?

Founded in November 2010 by Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong, Skillshare is an online learning platform. Skillshare currently employs over 600 people and offers 34K+ courses on a wide range of topics including animation, illustration, music, photography and much more.

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The main focus of Skillshare’s courses is creativity. So, if you are a professional looking to strengthen your creative skills then Skillshare can help.

But this platform can be an amazing tool for anyone else, not just professionals or creatives. Whether you are curious about a specific topic or want to learn a skill then Skillshare has just the right tools.

How It Works

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Getting started with Skillshare is quick and easy. You can either sign up with your email address, or use your Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

Once you have created a profile on Skillshare, you simply start browsing the different sections of the website to discover courses and workshops. Based on your interests, you can then pick and choose the courses that you like best, sign up for those, and get started on your learning adventure!


The platform has many interesting features – let’s take a quick look at some of them.

1. Simple Categories

First of all, the courses are split into three main categories:

  • Create
  • Build
  • Thrive

But what is each category about, exactly? Check out the table below.

AnimationBusiness AnalyticsLifestyle
Creative WritingFreelance and EntrepreneurshipProductivity
Film & VideoLeadership and Management
Fine ArtMarketing
Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Web Development

If you want to find a specific course, you can also type some keywords in the search bar. This will take you straight to the course you want without the need to browse the three sections.

2. Flexible Courses

Similar to Domestika, Skillshare courses are not designed around a fixed format. There is a nice mix!

Some of its classes are short and sweet (around 10 minutes), whereas others run for hours and can have up to 50 short videos.

Also, some of its classes have assignments to encourage students to share their projects and learn along the way. This is great as it encourages engagement with the Skillshare community.

3. Easy To Use App

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Want to learn on the go? no problem as Skillshare lets you do that thanks to its new mobile app. Available for both iOS and Android devices, it’s free to download and gives you access to your account and courses.

4. Blog

Skillshare also offers a range of helpful blog posts to aid in your learning experience. They are divided into four different main categories:

  • Guides: This section groups together lots of tutorials and guides on topics such as drawing, painting, photography, and more.
  • Teach: This category provides great resources to support Skillshare teachers with creating excellent online courses.
  • Stories: In this section, users will find interviews and profiles of members of the Skillshare community, including teachers, creatives, students, and the Skillshare team.
  • News: This category includes all the news, updates, and announcements from the Skillshare team.

5. Scholarships

Skillshare also offers regular scholarships that allow students to sign up for online courses at discounted prices. The following scholarships are currently available:

  • 1 free year of Skillshare membership is available to ten students who apply for financial reasons
  • All college and university students can get 50% off 1 year of Skillshare membership
  • 1 free year of Skillshare membership is available to furloughed employees in the UK
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In the past, Skillshare used to offer free courses. Unfortunately, this option is no longer available. However, if you want to try out the platform without signing up for a membership, you can start a 1 month free trial.

Want to move straight to a paid subscription? With Skillshare for Teams, you have three options:

  • Starter
  • Enterprise
  • Revive

Take a look at the table below to find out more about what you can get with each plan and how much it costs.

($159/year per user)
(Custom Pricing)
(Custom Pricing)
Best for…Small teams of 2-19 peopleBigger teams of 20-50 people Teams of more than 50+ people
What’s included:Unlimited access to 35,000 classes Everything from the Starter plan, plus: Everything from the Enterprise plan, plus:
✔ Personalised user experience✔ Customer Success Manager✔ Wellness lists and offerings
✔ Easy to use admin capabilities✔ Daily, weekly and monthly reports✔ Support for onboarding
✔ Offline and mobile-friendly✔ Custom class lists✔ Reporting and analytics
✔ Custom live experiences

In short, yes! Skillshare is a great platform for anyone looking to learn new creative skills. Some of the best features of the platform include its massive range of courses, ease of use, and mobile app.

So why not learn some new skills or maybe strengthen the ones you already have? Check out their website today to get started.

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Skillshare Review (2024): Worth it or Not? - Video Collective (2024)
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