The Ultimate Men's Mullet Guide: 15 Edgy Styles for 2024 (2024)

by John Griffith

Growing up, I was first introduced to the mullet by none other than Billy Ray Cyrus. His iconic “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle has stayed with me since I first saw him. While I didn’t think I’d ever find myself considering a mullet, here I am. I just can’t seem to shake off the allure of the mullet. That’s why I took a deep dive into magazines like Allure, GQ, and Esquire to learn more about this bold style choice. According to Moya Luckett, a media historian and professor of celebrity culture at NYU, our current fascination with mullets stems from a desire to push boundaries and buttons, which makes the mullet exactly what most of us are looking for. If you too are interested in men’s mullet hairstyles and are in need of hair inspo, read on.

Jacob Elordi knows how to rock a modern mullet

In this article

  • Understanding the Mullet Hairstyle
  • The Resurgence of the Mullet in Modern Fashion
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Sporting a Mullet
  • Is the Mullet Right for You? Identifying the Ideal Candidates
  • The Best Men’s Mullet Hairstyle For 2024
    • The traditional mullet
    • The 80s mullet
    • Country mullet
    • Modern mullet
    • The euro mullet
    • Asian mullet
    • The Takuache mullet
    • Curly mullet
    • Straight hair mullet
    • Long mullet
    • Short mullet
    • Shaggy mullet
    • Mohawk mullet
    • Undercut mullet
    • Faded Mullet
  • How To Style a Mullet: Tools and Products
  • Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Mullet Fresh
  • FAQs
    • Are mullets back in style 2024?
    • What is mullet slang for?
    • Is the mullet good for thin hair?
    • Why wear a mullet?

Understanding the Mullet Hairstyle

The mullet can be traced back to ancient times. It has a noble lineage with roots tracing back to civilizations in Egypt, Assyria, and Greece. According to The New York Times, it was a common hairstyle for men warriors as it was super practical. It kept their necks warm while ensuring their vision wasn’t obstructed. It much resembled a helmet, which even Homer noted in his depiction of the Abantes in “The Iliad.”! This style even graced the heads of Greek gods, like Apollo Belvedere, from what we can see in sculptures. Among Indigenous tribes in the Western U.S., such as the Blackfoot and Crow, a variant of the mullet symbolized power and divine connection. This style has been around for forever all around the world, and it ain’t going anywhere. However, it has always managed to evolve over the centuries in a way to fit in perfectly with the times.

The mullet’s historic cool factor is undeniable

The Resurgence of the Mullet in Modern Fashion

In the world of fashion, trends revolve at the speed of light. So, it’s no surprise that the mullet has made quite the resurgence in modern times. The mullet has become one of the most popular haircuts for men of all ages, not just Gen Z’s, according to Natalie Angold, senior barber on the frontline of London’s Ruffians, for GQ. This is thanks to the fact that this style perfectly encapsulated the current cultural trend of embracing individuality and challenging norms. It’s kooky, it’s fun, it’s unique, and it somehow looks good despite defying all hairstyle rules. Plus, the hairstyle’s versatility and the way it straddles the line between retro nostalgia and modern edginess appeal to a wide audience, from Gen Zers exploring vintage styles to older generations reliving their youth.

The mullet’s making waves

The Dos and Don’ts of Sporting a Mullet

The charm of the mullet lies in its deliberate defiance of traditional hairstyle rules. While we are usually taught that haircuts should always connect and blend, the mullet does not do that. In this style, nothing connects, and it’s all at different lengths. What a rule breaker this style is. According to Esquire’s style director, Jonathan Evans, the allure in men’s mullet hairstyles is its unique blend of business and party. And all you really need is a bold attitude to match it. Here is how to navigate this look according to Evans.


  • Start with enough length: Ensure you have sufficient hair length to sculpt the mullet of your dreams.
  • Choose your contrast: Decide the degree of difference you’re comfortable with between the front and the back. For those seeking to make a statement, a drastic contrast with shorter sides and a longer back can evoke strong Billy Ray Cyrus vibes.
  • Emphasize texture: Incorporating texture is crucial. Avoid washing your hair too frequently to let your natural oils add separation and wave. Use texturizing or salt spray to enhance this effect.


  • Shy away from professional help: If you’re aiming for a subtler version, consulting a stylist is key. They can help achieve the right balance of texture and length, ensuring the mullet complements rather than overpowers.
  • Overlook the importance of maintenance: While mullets are low-maintenance, they do require care to keep them looking intentional and stylish. Regular trims and appropriate hair care products can maintain the desired effect.

Mastering the mullet means breaking rules with style and confidence

Is the Mullet Right for You? Identifying the Ideal Candidates

According to celebrity hairstylist David Lopez and Bumble stylist Tom Gallagher for InStyle, the mullet is a super versatile style that can suit anyone. Regardless of race, gender, age, or hair texture, the mullet can become a flattering style for you and me! However, they do mention that it is particularly flattering on wavy and curly hair. Even so, the mullet’s adaptability means it can easily embody a variety of aesthetics, from punk to romantic. It all depends on your personal style and how you decide to wear it. So, whether you’re aiming to make a bold statement or simply looking to infuse a touch of retro nostalgia into your look, the mullet offers a canvas for experimentation.

The mullet’s a versatile headliner for anyone ready to stand out

The Best Men’s Mullet Hairstyle For 2024

The mullet is emerging as one of the standout trends of the year. This hairstyle perfectly blends vintage charm with modern boldness. For these reasons, plus it’s “business in the front, party in the back” it’s gaining more and more interest from men of all ages, me included! Whether you’re drawn to the edgy contours of a sharp fade, the textured allure of wavy locks, or the daring statement of color and length, there’s a mullet style waiting to express your individuality. So, check out these cool men’s mullet ideas.

Dive into the mullet scene

The traditional mullet

The traditional mullet is all about keeping it classic with a neat, professional look at the front that transitions to a longer, flowing back. It’s a nod to the mullet’s roots. This look perfectly embodies a balance between subtle sophistication and a free-spirited vibe. So, it’s perfect for mullet enthusiasts looking to make a timeless choice.

Where business meets party

The 80s mullet

This mullet style takes inspo from a decade known for its bold fashion statements. While it was also a popular men’s hairstyle in the 70s, the 80s is when it really started gaining traction. It features exaggerated lengths at the back and often voluminous, teased hair on top. This style is greatfor those who want to make a loud, vibrant statement. Oh, and if you want to embody an 80s rock or pop icon, then this is the mullet you should go for.

Unleash your inner rock god

Country mullet

Country mullets offers a more understated, rustic charm. One that mirrors the laid-back, straightforward lifestyle associated with country living. With its less dramatic transition from short to long, it presents a softer, more approachable version of the mullet. So, if you are weary about big changes, this style is perfect for you.

Perfect for those days when you’re feeling a little bit country

Modern mullet

As times change, so does the mullet. The modern mullet is a reinvention of the classic. It integrates contemporary hair trends like sharp fades, asymmetrical cuts, and creative styling. It’s a great option for those looking to combine traditional elements with a modern twist.

Where the past and the present collide

The euro mullet

Characterized by its sleek sophistication, the Euro mullet brings a touch of European elegance to the mullet family. This style often features more refined, softer transitions between the short and long sections. So, it embodys a chic and understated aesthetic. It’s a popular choice among those who wish to marry the mullet’s distinctiveness with a more polished finish.

Cross the style border with the Euro mullet

Asian mullet

The asian mullet brings a unique flair to the mullet family. This style incorporates softer, more textured layers that blend seamlessly into the longer back. It’s a look that is influnced by pop culture and fashion trends from Asia. The style offers a sleek, fashionable take on the mullet that appeals to a wide range of tastes.

Dive into the sleek sophistication of the East

The Takuache mullet

The Takuache mullet is known for its bold fades and sometimes intricate designs shaved into the sides, combined with a longer back. This look is popular within certain subcultures and it’s a statement piece that pairs well with the Takuache lifestyle.

Bold fades and edgy vibes

Curly mullet

This mullet style helps you celebrate your natural curls by letting them take the center stage. It’s a look that offers a playful, voluminous take on the traditional mullet. The curly mullet works with the hair’s natural texture to create a dynamic, eye-catching look that’s both fun and fashionable.

Let your curls run wild in the back

Straight hair mullet

The straight hair mullet emphasizes the contrast between the sleekness of straight hair and the edgy cut of the mullet. This version is often seen with a more defined shape, showcasing the stark difference between the shorter front and the elongated back, offering a clean, sharp look.

Sharp, sleek, and effortlessly cool

Long mullet

This style pushes the boundaries of the mullet’s classic silhouette by extending the length at the back even further. The long hair creates a dramatic, flowing effect. It’s a bold choice for those looking to make a statement and perfectly emphasizes the mullet’s iconic contrast between short and long.

Go long or go home

Short mullet

The short mullet is ideal for those intrigued by the mullet trend but preferring a subtler approach. This compact version maintains the essential structure of the mullet while keeping the length at the back conservative, offering a modern, understated take on the classic style.

Proof that great style doesn’t always mean going long

Shaggy mullet

A shaggy mullet is all about texture and movement. It features layered cuts that add depth and a somewhat tousled, carefree look. This style is perfect for those seeking a relaxed, effortlessly cool vibe that plays up the mullet’s edgier side.

Tousled, textured, and totally carefree

Mohawk mullet

The mohawk mullet combines the rebellious nature of the mohawk with the distinctive mullet shape. This results in a hairstyle that’s both daring and distinctive. It’s a bold, avant-garde choice that stands out in a crowd, reflecting a strong, unconventional sense of style.

For the days when you can’t decide between punk rock and classic cool

Undercut mullet

An undercut mullet modernizes the mullet with a sharp, clean undercut that contrasts starkly with the longer hair on top and at the back. This style blends edginess with precision, offering a sleek, contemporary take on the mullet that’s both striking and stylish.

This mullet says you’re all about that edge

Faded Mullet

The faded mullet incorporates gradual fades into the sides, blending into the longer hair at the back for a smooth, sophisticated look. It combines the mullet’s traditional appeal with modern barbering techniques, creating a versatile style that suits a wide array of personal preferences.

Fade into the mullet scene with a style that’s as smooth as your moves

How To Style a Mullet: Tools and Products

While a mullet is relatively low- maintenance, you still need to know how to style it to perfection. To do so, you will need the right blend of tools and products. The first thing you will need is a good quality hairdryer, as well as a nice round brush. These tools will help you achieve a nice volume at the crown and a smoothness in the front. When it comes to texture and separation in the longer section of the hair, stylists recommend investing in a texturizing spray or a sea salt spray. You can use a pomade or some clay with a matte finish if you need something to hold and define the hair. But keep in mind to apply it sparingly. Instead, you can use a lightweight hairstyle to help you keep your locks in place without sacrificing the movement as much. Remember, the key to a great mullet is balance and texture.

A little product, a lot of personality

Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Mullet Fresh

Once you get your mullet, like any hairstyle, you will need to maintain it. On the bright side, the mullet doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Maintaining a fresh-looking mullet involves regular trims every 4-6 weeks to keep the shape defined and the edges sharp. Other than that, all you have to do is wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Oh, and to combat frizz and maintain texture, you can use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil, focusing on the ends. Try to avoid heat as much as you can and style it to your hearts desire.

Keep your mullet fresh with simple care

I’m glad the mullet is making its resurgence in fashion, as I can finally try out this fun hairstyle for myself. This style truly manages to embody a mix of nostalgia and modernity with ease. Plus, with its diverse array of styles, there really is a mullet to suit everyone. Whether it’s the textured appeal of the curly mullet, the edgy vibe of the mohawk mullet, or the refined elegance of the euro mullet, each style can help you express yourself. I hope you found this article useful. Now you have plenty of inspo before your next visit to the barber.

The mullet’s comeback is a style solo worth tuning into


Are mullets back in style 2024?

Hell yeah, mullets are back in style for 2024! This iconic look has made quite the comeback in recent years, and it is not going anywhere. The mullet is being embraced by all kinds of people looking for a way to make a bold statement, showcase their individuality, and have fun with their hair.

What is mullet slang for?

“Mullet” as slang primarily refers to the hairstyle characterized by shorter hair at the front and sides, with longer hair at the back. However, it has also humorously been described with the phrase “business in the front, party in the back,” highlighting its unique style.

Is the mullet good for thin hair?

Mullets can be a good option for thin hair, as the style can create the illusion of volume, especially with the right layering and texturing techniques. By keeping the hair longer at the back, it draws attention away from the thinness on top, making it a strategic choice for those concerned about hair density.

Why wear a mullet?

People wear mullets for various reasons, ranging from fashion and self-expression to nostalgia. The mullet allows you to embrace a non-conventional look that stands out, showcasing a mix of seriousness and fun. It’s also a versatile hairstyle that can be adapted to suit different personal styles, from punk to polished. This makes it quite the compelling choice for those looking to express their unique identity through their hair.

The mullet is ready for the main stage

The Ultimate Men's Mullet Guide: 15 Edgy Styles for 2024 (2024)
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