100th Day of School Printable {and Easy Activities!} (2024)

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Do you have a 100th day celebration in your homeschool? If not, you should plan on it!

Celebrating having completed 100 days of the school year is so much fun for younger children…and 100 days is a big deal! Having a party is a way to commemorate all the learning you have done together so far this year.

It’s also something fun to look forward to after the holidays, as your 100th day will typically fall somewhere between the end of January to early February (unless of course, you don’t follow the typical school-year schedule).

There are many educational activities you can sneak into your 100th day celebration as well. I’m going to share what we would typically do for ours to give you some ideas, plus share a free 100th day of school printable you can incorporate into your festivities.

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How Do You Keep Track of Your School Days?

Ideally, you’d begin counting your days at the start of the school year…but if you didn’t, don’t worry. You can still throw a 100 days party for your kids (just get a good estimate on when your 100th day would be…or have your kids help you figure it out!).

A hundreds chart will be really handy to help you keep track of your number of school days. When I took the pictures for this post, we were using My Father’s World for our curriculum that year (specifically, God’s Creation from A to Z). The curriculum provided us with a 100 chart we used to keep track of our days; if you don’t have one, I’ve got an instant download for you HERE.

Feel free to use the numbered chart for reference; the blank one can be filled in as you go, which will give your child practice writing numbers. Starting with day 1, write in one number each day. Another option would be to color in the numbers as you go.

If you want to make things super simple, take a blank sheet of paper and teach your child how to make a tally mark each day to keep track.

We would typically do this at the beginning of our homeschool day, and here’s how: in addition to the chart, we used straws to help us mark our days. Each day, we put one straw in a cup, and when we had ten, we bundled those with a rubber band to form one “ten”. As we counted our straws each day, we wrote the number on the chart. As a bonus, this visual helped us talk about place value daily as we counted our days and talked about numbers in terms of “tens” and “ones”.

Our 100th Day of School Activities

Once we got to 100 days, we had a celebration! It was a lot of fun to anticipate since we worked on our chart each day.

Here are some 100th day of school ideas you can use to (easily) put together your own party. It doesn’t have to be fancy at all, but of course, you’ll want to use the number “100” as much as you can!

100 Days Party Breakfast

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Of course we have to include food in our party! We began with making “100” out of our donuts for breakfast (we used a donut stick and two chocolate round donuts).

Not the healthiest, but it was a fun way to begin our special day. Don’t worry, we loaded up on fruits and veggies later.

100 Lego Building Activity

This was probably my kids’ favorite thing of our 100th day activities. We have an abundance of Lego in our house, so it was not hard to quickly pull together!

Have your kids each count out 100 Lego, then let them see what creations they can make with what they’ve got.

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  • 100th Day of School Printable {and Easy Activities!} (5)

Printable Coloring Sheet

Next we did a hunt with Hershey Kisses! I used stickers to put numbers on the bottom of them and hid them around the house. The kids found them, took the stickers off, and matched them to a hundreds chart.

This was a great activity for number recognition and matching. You don’t have to use stickers, you could simply write the numbers on the bottom of the kisses with a sharpie marker.

  • 100th Day of School Printable {and Easy Activities!} (6)

  • 100th Day of School Printable {and Easy Activities!} (7)

  • 100th Day of School Printable {and Easy Activities!} (8)

I also printed a 100th day of school worksheet to color, and you can find lots of coloring page options on this site. You can also grab my free 100th day of school printable at the end of this post and get some addition practice in as well!

100th Day Snack

This activity was a great way to spend our snack time! I had downloaded some snack mat printables and had gathered ten different types of small items (such as fruit loops, chocolate chips, marshmallows, goldfish crackers, raisins, etc.). The kids practiced counting out 10 of each snack and sorting them in the circles.

  • 100th Day of School Printable {and Easy Activities!} (9)

  • 100th Day of School Printable {and Easy Activities!} (10)

More 100th Day of School Celebration Ideas

Another thing we did (that I don’t have a picture of) was 100 exercises. I made up a list of 10 different exercises, and we did 10 of each one. Think jumping jacks, pushups, sit-ups, etc. You could include whatever you want!

Here are a couple more ideas I have seen, and any of them would be a great option for your 100th day:

  • Make a “100th Day Necklaces” with your kids. Use my free Hundreds Chart printable above to help them count out 100 beads, cheerios, or fruit loops, then string them to make a necklace!
  • Make a gum ball t-shirt! Here’s a unique tutorial, or you could try this one.
  • See if you can come up with 100 new words you have learned so far this year. Or a list of 100 anything would work. Hang up a piece of paper in a central location and add to it throughout the day.
  • Print and color 100th day of school crowns. Grab a free template here.
  • Read a 100th day of school book! Try Rocket’s 100th Day of School, 100th Day Worries, or the Night Before the 100th Day of School.

100 Days of School Printables

Don’t leave without grabbing these Color by Addition free printables from me! Click the banner below for this fun activity to complete on your 100th day of school.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to celebrate this fun occasion with your young kids. Drop a comment below to let me know how your family celebrates.

Happy 100th day of homeschool!

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100th Day of School Printable {and Easy Activities!} (15)

100th Day of School Printable {and Easy Activities!} (16)

100th Day of School Printable {and Easy Activities!} (2024)
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