Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities & Printables (2024)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate the season of love this February 14 with printables, activities, and lesson plans that can be used across the curriculum to bring some fun and a little bit of love to your classroom.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Classroom

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for students to learn about the story and origins of the holiday, and share their appreciation for friends, family, teachers - and themselves! Read on for our favorite classroom ideas to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your students.

Share the love with Valentine’s Day cards

Follow our Valentine’s Day Cards lesson plan or use this Pop-Up Hearts Cards printable to create cards your students can give to their friends or family to show their love and appreciation. Or encourage them to carry out acts of kindness for others.

Discover the stories behind Valentine’s Day

Read about the stories, myths, and legends in our information reference pages on St. Valentine's Day and Cupid. Or learn about how messages on candy hearts have changed over the years to keep spreading the love.

Learn to say “I love you” in 16 languages

A fun way to introduce different languages to your students, this printable poster can be displayed on a bulletin board or given as a fun take-home activity for your students to share with their families and friends. Languages covered include German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Russian, French, and Latin.

Fun Valentine’s Day Activities

Explore our collection of printables, worksheets, and lesson plans to share this holiday of romantic and platonic love with your students. Choose from Valentine’s Day-themed choice boards, activity packets, art projects, information on the history of the holiday, and other cross-curricular activities.

Valentine’s Day word searches, scrambles, quizzes, and puzzles are sure to get your elementary students’ brains working while bringing some fun into the classroom. Or why not introduce your students to Valentine’s Day math with our K-2 packet of math activities? Choice boards designed for elementary school and middle school students are easy and fun ways to incorporate the holiday - whether that’s for themed learning centers, early-finisher, or take-home tasks. Students can choose from math activities, stem activities, or reading and language arts activities.

Valentine's Day Choice Boards

These choice boards are a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your students and are perfect for early-finisher, extension, or take-home activities.

  • Valentine's Day Choice Board for Elementary Students
  • Valentine's Day Choice Board for Middle School

Valentine's Day Printables

These worksheets and printables are a great way to incorporate Valentine's Day into learning. Choose from skill-building activities, Valentine’s-themed puzzles, and ideas for learning stations.

  • Valentine's Day Activity Packet (K-6)
  • TopValentine's Day Printables for K-8
  • Valentine's Day Station Rotations for Elementary Classrooms
  • How to Say "I Love You" in Many Languages
  • Valentine Word Search
  • Valentine's Day Scrambled Words
  • I Am Loveable
  • Alphabet Valentines
  • Synonym Hearts
  • More Valentine's Day Printables

Valentine's Day Math Activities

Build your elementary students’ math skills with these Valentine’s math activities and worksheets. Set up learning centers using the K-2 math packet or tackle math word problems with grades 3-5.

  • Valentine's Day Math Packet for Grades K-2
  • Valentine's Day Math Word Problems

Valentine's Day Lesson Plans

Get creative with these fun Valentine’s Day lesson plans for Valentine card making and learning more about the ancient craft of paper making.

  • Paper Making
  • Valentine Cards

Valentine's Day References

Discuss the origins of Valentine's Day, discover Valentine's Day-themed poetry, or learn about Cupid, the ancient Roman god of love, with these handy information reference pages.

  • How Do I Love Thee?
  • Cupid, and Other Classical Myths
  • The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
  • St. Valentine's Day
  • Messages on Candy Hearts

Valentine's Day Art Projects

Use these creative activities on Valentine's Day. Create heart-shaped pop-up cards, have fun with Valentine’s Day crafts and paper hearts or explore Valentine's Day-themed art projects with your middle school students.

  • 10 Valentine's Day Art Projects for Middle School
  • Paper Making
  • Pop-Up Hearts Cards
  • Valentine Activity Kit for The Yuckiest, Stinkiest, Best Valentine Ever
  • Heart Puzzle
  • More Art Activities for Valentine's Day

Reading & Language Arts Activities

Help your students learn more about Valentine's Day with fun word searches, writing activities, and learning station activities.

  • Valentine's Day Station Rotations for Elementary Classrooms
  • How to Say "I Love You" in Many Languages
  • Paper Making
  • Valentine Word Search
  • Romantic Couples in Literature
  • Valentine's Day Scrambled Words
  • Valentine's Day Word Games
  • More

Social Studies Activities

Discover the history and traditions of Valentine’s Day with these social studies worksheets and printables. Activities include vocabulary building, a writing exercise, and a holiday/month match-up page.

Other Winter Holidays

Our favorite resources for the Winter Holidays cover many celebrations with numerous activities to bring the holidays your classroom.

  • Chinese New Year Teacher Resources
  • Christmas Teacher Resources
  • December Holidays Resources for Teachers
  • Groundhog Day Teacher Resources
  • Hanukkah - Teacher Resources
  • Kwanzaa Teacher Resources
  • New Year's Teacher Resources
  • Presidents' Day Teacher Resources

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Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities & Printables (2024)
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